Enable VT-x/AMD-V (Intel virtualisation) setting on Intel i7 processor using Gigabyte UEFI 3D BIOS

In order to run a 64bit Virtual Machine Operating System on VirtualBox such as Ubuntu 64bit you need to have "Enable VT-x/AMD-V" set within the system setting in VirtualBox but to support that you need to have the system virtualisation hardware support enabled within your BIOS, however, it's normally disabled.

If your Intel Virtualisation / VT-x/AMD-V is disabled then you will get an error similar to this, if you are getting this error and have Gigabyte dual UEFI 3D BIOS then simply follow the instructions below to fix the problem:



  1. First of all you'll need to reboot to get into BIOS, and when you see the splash screen press "del" to get into the BIOS setup.
  2. Then if you haven't been to the BIOS before, you will be presented with the below screenshot, if you have you may need to navigate to the 3D BIOS to continue. Click on the highlighted area of the 3D Motherboard for DUAL BIOS Setup.


  3. After clicking a popup will appear where you can clearly see "Intel Virtualization" and it will, by default, be checked as disabled. Simply click to enable and then "save & exit"


NB: Please be careful, although this change shouldn't have any negative effect on the integrity of your system setup it cannot be guaranteed, all due care has been taken to ensure the information here is correct for the specific BIOS and Software problem explained.


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