Financial Crisis? Pah!

You may or may have heard of this huge financial deficit named 'The Credit Crunch'? Well if you haven't its basically the financial world going in to chaos and the news telling everyone how we're soon going to have to grow our own veg as the price of a tin of beans is going to be 2 years salary. After skimming through the articles posted around the papers and TV, they are all asking where we get the money to fill this massive deficit we're having to fill?

Chav ASBOI have the solution! Basically we cut off benefits, or atleast make them roughly 100 times harder to get? I appreciate there are people out there who genuinely need help, I even sympathise with ex-cons as I believe "a guy can change" main point is that we actually removed everyone from the benefits system who aren't even trying to do anything other than sit on their fat arse all day, and evict all of them from their council flats, and then sell the land to private investors which would boost money back into the government (money which would be into the billions!).

I'm not saying all people on benefits should be evicted but lets say...all the fat ones. You would never ever believe a fat hobo would you? If he's fat it means he's eating regularly (and enough to make him fat) so why would you believe the equivelant human who has a council flat, they claim they can't live without our hard earned money yet they are still as fat as the queen of shecows, this may have something to do with their Stella + KFC diet they swear by.

I mean if we're going to penalise all these poor bank managers who are getting done over because they learnt out how to work the system, lets do over all the scum sucking mouth breathers who are leeching on society and tell them they've got to get a job or learnt how to beg, I bet they would find a job then. Just remember, anyone can stack shelves for Lidl...and they pay £8 p/h!
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