Why Facebook is both Awesome and Dire.

I was talking with the guys at work about Facebook and how it's incredibly annoying on a lot of levels but it's great for snooping etc.. Anyway we came up with some pretty good points as to why Facebook is awesome, but at the same time why it's utterly horrific.

Awesome Facebook


1. Snooping on Exs

Remember that girl/guy that broke up with you and was a bit of a bitch/bastard about it at school? Facebook now gives you a lovely insight to their complete life and you can have a good hard look at what you're missing out on, however, this is normally a good thing such as "missing out on 10 kids" or "missing out on a divorce before 25" or (this was not my terminology) "Missing out on the reverse ugly duckling" - This is where a girl/guy who was stunning younger is now fugly.


2. Filtering out family/friends

Thanks to Facebooks privacy settings it's very easy to filter out pretty much anyone. As most people can see everyone is in my limited profile except a few exceptions, however, what these lovey privacy settings enable you to do is specifically group certain people together and completely lock them out of viewing anything about you other than a profile picture and your status updates, but in most cases people don't know how to do this which backs up #1.


3. Actually keeping in contact

I know...kinda tame for a rant but it is a justified reason. I have quite a few friends dotted around the world and without a good combination of Skype and Facebook keeping in contact would not be as easy a task as it is without them.


Dire Feedback


1. MySpace syndrome

Facebook has over the past few years let kids sneak in which has encouraged a wave of retarded applications and annoying status updates. Exhibit A: "Shaun has just had a turd of epic proportions with his virtual Dog on petville" Granted potty humour is awesome, but it being through a Fapp (facebook application) makes it intensely annoying, also I can guarantee if you check your invites there is one from Shaun to go and see his Virtual Dog and see it's turd.


2. Events

I currently have ~20 event applications all of them are ridiculous and have no chance of me attending them, the people who invited me probably knows this but decided to invite me anyway as I'm at the top of the list under 'A'. The point is that Facebook is trying to become a system people rely on as they know the novelty of status updates and stalking will eventually wear off unless they keep it fresh. Personally I think random deletions should keep it fresh, and you get entered into the drawer if you have any applications that say "I am a......"


3. "Privacy"

Facebook have lots of lovely settings to protect others from viewing your private information, however, it doesn't really stop much. A friend can quite easily right click on a picture of you and press "view image" then that image is free to share with anyone, no longer protected by the settings you set to let only your closest friends and family view it. Applications have been restricted a lot since their invention,however, they still have a high amount of access to your VERY personal information, and a viral idea that can spread itself could easily harvest 1000's of users info before Facebook would even catch on. So if an app looks dodgy, be careful when pressing that "allow" button!

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