3 Conversations to never have when drunk

Now I think most people will already know what these three are, and why they hold so much passion behind them. The fact is that talking about 1) Religion 2) Politics or 3) Society just seems to spark that gland in your head at around the 2.5 pint mark which will just make you quote any jarble from any kind of media you've read about the subject in order to either just sound clever or convince the opposition your point is correct!

Now this post isn't really going to be an analysis on why people do this and a detailed document into the pro's and con's of who is rite and who is wrong. No, no! Any educated fool can do that. This is going to be a brief outline I can point to people when they start these conversations so I can put my point across and at the same time continue doing what I was out for in the first place....to drink.


I agree these arguments are pretty invalid outside of England/UK, and possibly invalid outside of Leicester, however, for the time being we'll assume where I live is the same as everyone else.



Considering I have no belief in religious beliefs, and have very little time indeed for people who think I am wrong for doing so I am very considerate towards the fact that people need religion in some context sometimes in order to get through life. Something which was raised (during a drunken debate...again) was that although England has a massive multicultural spectrum of religions including a healthy dose of atheism only Christianity is getting 2 million funding for a visit from the Pope, I don't see 2 million in funding to send all the nations Muslims to goto Mecca. If you choose to be religious you should expect to pay for the privalidge of a church/temple/mosque/house/garage/shed, not assume you should get one because religion has been around a long time, which is effectively the only reason all this money still gets thrown at the church. It's not the dark ages anymore, the church has no power to overthrow parliament or the Monarchy!



I may as well get it out in the open...I voted Conservative and I'm proud of it, again, we are not in the darkages. People should be able to voice their vote choice without fear. In short the current political isn't what I would've chosen first, however, it's panning out nicely despite media constantly trying to spark off a dispute between the parties. Clegg has proven himself a worth deputy and although sacrificing a few of his original "selling points" he's made some good additions. BNP, really, re-introduce hanging and deport everyone that's not English national? Don't be daft. You have some amazing criteria for bringing fear back into criminals by removing a criminals rights such as when they break and enter into a property stopping burglars from sewing poor home owners when they break a leg on a kids toy whilst burgling them! I never have and never will vote Labour they never propose anything in their documents which makes me want to vote for them.



This topic can get very touchy in a group which has a wide spectrum of classes involved in the debate. Mostly, people who are lower/middle lower hate upper for refusing to accept bigger tax breaks and pushing high education fees. Middle aspire to be upper, and wish to avoid being lower. Upper/Middle Upper generally despise lower/middle lower for leeching the system and stealing. So in short, unless you're middle you're generally very opionated about this. Grow up in short, if you're lower aspire to acheive more. If you're upper then pull your head out of your arse and realise people don't always get a choice about their upbringing, and stealing is a necessity, not a choice.


Well there we go, so if I've just linked you to this after one of the above opening up down the pub. Accept/Disagree with the opinions or not, they won't be changing anytime soon so just drop the topic and move on!

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