Ranting a lot? Lets start with Jade Goody

Drunk jade goodyWell, I've been discussing a lot the past few months especially with work mates, friends and my girlfriend and have come to a conclusion that I generally rant quite a lot about well...pretty much everything there is to moan about.

Naturally recently the obvious thing to rant about in recent affairs is Jade Goody (this is assuming you're not some knuckle-dragger that pays your rent from the council offices, and collects your weekly paycheck at the same place). Obviously I sympathise that cancer is a horrible thing for anyone to go through and obviously any life being cut short is nothing to joke about, but I'm not talking about death or cancer which seems to be most mouth breathers defence mechanism to Jade Goody jokes lately, its just that we've always disliked her, and now dislike her even more that she has become some kind of icon just because she managed to get the government to get her child punching boyfriend a night off from probation because it was their wedding night.


Personally I think the whole thing is a farce, and one of the biggest things for all you overweight benefit lovers out there who think she's the best thing to come since Princess Diana - why is she not having an open casket, I'll tell you why... it's because its all fake! She is in fact (just like many believe Elvis Presley is) not dead and it was all a publicity stunt which only the stupid (luckily 99.9% of her fan-base are) would fall for, and soon her ASBO husband and two kids will disappear off the radar to where their fake dead mummy is lapping up all the money she got from quality publications such as the Sun or OK magazine over the past few weeks for selling out what should be private and personal moments not publicity charades.


Hats off to you Jade Goody you managed to trick a bunch of idiots into loving you, and in the process enrage anyone with a qualification above a GCSE.


One final thing, you think its a coincidence she passed away on Mothers Day?

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