Week of funnies

This weeks been pretty active on the funny links front so I thought I'd get a list on the go and publish at the end of the week.

Instant CSI


For those time when you need a "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" moment over the interwebs.


Jilted man turn psychopath


I'm not sure if I wish to commend this guys ability to tunnel around in a house without being noticed or if he just need to man up and get over the girl.




Ever need a full derp ER MAH GERD moment but didn't quite know the literacy translation, well here we go! For all your full derp moments!


Oh noes, twilight vampire face and chin-face Stewart are breaking up!


Basically Kristen Stewart couldn't keep her legs together on set for the huntsmen and managed to convince another guy to enter her lady parts. This rather poor effort of a girl then proceeds to rant about it, because you know, it's all so very upsetting.


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