Udja Comments for Joomla 1.6 - 0.3 Beta

Due to a distinct lack of comments and a high demand for a comments extension for 1.6 which can provide functionality which rivals that of jComments I have created a simple but easily extended comments component+module combination. This comments extension doesn't use Facebook or Disqus like most commenting systems instead it uses a native system designed specifically for Joomla 1.6 using the Framework.




Udja Comments 0.3 Beta functionality list


  1. Supports nested comments (replying to others comments)
  2. Has basic spam detection, word/ip/email/domain filtering.
  3. Avatar & Gravatar support
  4. Fully using framework, LANG/HTML are both overrideable without core-hacks.
  5. Uses a module for the comments so can be used with any component, not restricted to content.
  6. Can be ordered oldest->newest or newest->oldest
  7. Form position (above or below comments)
  8. Pagination, and customisation of per-page
  9. Automatic updates to component using Joomla 1.6 update section
  10. Extension CSS can be turned on or off.

** Currently in BETA, Please let me know of bugs you find I will fix them as quickly as possible **

As always I would love to hear from anyone about features they would like to see included in the comments below.


Udja Comments (1.6+)

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