Udja Comments 2.0 beta released

So, it's been a while but I've finally finished piecing together everybody's feedback about Udja comments for Joomla and have put together some pretty nice features and bug fixes for everyone to use.

Firstly, I fixed some bugs which were giving some people issues with notifications and implemented the following list of new features:


  • Akismet integration (find this under the spam protection section)
  • Manual email notification list for all comments being posted
  • Improved manual spam protection using regex
  • Frontend "delete comments" ability
  • Improved reply embedding
  • Export button in admin panel to download people who subscribe to receive EDMs


As always give me a nudge if you're getting problems, and I'm always looking for other translations! This is beta so play with caution. 1.0.1 stable is a much better choice.




Udja Comments (1.6+)

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