Joomla! tag cloud module v0.5 beta

I've had a lot of good feedback on this module so didn't want to dissapoint and let it float off into that pile of projects which doesn't get touched. Based on feedback through the comments on v0.4 beta tag cloud I have rectified the following issues, and hopefully we should be close to exiting beta!


Fixed Issues:

  • Issue with first character of word being removed when followed by a foreign character such as áéíóú
  • Load issues on lower end servers with large amounts of content, see new setting in module to set row parse limit.
  • Added ability to filter tags by minimum string length, as requested by Kentel.
  • Added support for K2 (this may be buggy, please give feedback)
  • Optimised analysing loop to help load time on shared hosting with large content.


As said before, any issues with the tag cloud module, please let me know!


A quick thanks to Nebula, Kentel and Bille. Without your input some of these bugs would've gone un-noticed or un-fixable!


Enjoy the module!


Automated Tag Cloud (1.5+)

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