25 Jan 2011

Joomla Automated Tag Cloud 0.9 BETA - 1.5 & 1.6

The automated tag cloud has proved to be the second most popular extension I have created (after my sociable module) giving the user the ability to create an automated tagcloud from their content without having to mess around with 10's of complicated settings and incompatibility with several extensions.

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05 Dec 2010

Joomla Automated Tag Cloud 0.8 Beta

There has been issues with the Joomla automated tag cloud module I created for people with foreign characters in Scandinavia/Asia etc etc. I have worked with a good friend on IRC who goes by rvsjoen (yes you can bother him if it doesn't work!) :p Anyway we've produced a fix (finally) and hopefully no more dissapearing multibyte characters.

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21 Aug 2010

Joomla Automated Tag Cloud 0.6 Beta

It's been a while since I have done any proper work on the tag cloud as it has been quoted as working very well, however, I have had feedback with foreign characters such as German/Spanish specific categories. Apologies in advance for it taking me so long to get a fix out but it's been difficult to test as not all servers support the correct enctype. Before using this, ensure utf8 is being used.

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24 Oct 2010

Joomla Automated Tag Cloud 0.7 Beta

It's been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, especially the Joomla extensions area - so first of all sorry for taking so long to get bugfixes out. Anyway the first of many is the automated tag cloud for Joomla! I have made, I thought the bug with removing non standard characters had been removed, however, the system was still stripping out some scandinavian/russian/german characters.

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06 Mar 2010

Joomla! tag cloud module v0.5 beta

I've had a lot of good feedback on this module so didn't want to dissapoint and let it float off into that pile of projects which doesn't get touched. Based on feedback through the comments on v0.4 beta tag cloud I have rectified the following issues, and hopefully we should be close to exiting beta!

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Automated Tag Cloud (1.5+)

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