Joomla Automated Tag Cloud 0.9 BETA - 1.5 & 1.6

The automated tag cloud has proved to be the second most popular extension I have created (after my sociable module) giving the user the ability to create an automated tagcloud from their content without having to mess around with 10's of complicated settings and incompatibility with several extensions.

Although I don't claim for these extensions to be the best and most compatible (yet!) I don't charge for them, yep - they're completely free! Anyway back to the important updates of the tag cloud module:


  • More work on UTF8 issues with áíéóú seem to have cracked it?
  • Verson for 1.6 released, play carefully, it's new.
  • Filter ability for Authors
  • Filter ability for categories
  • Filter ability for Sections (1.5 only)
  • Some typos fixed


Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the latest upgrade, and as always I love feedback, so have at it!




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