Joomla admin panel simplifier

Whenever I introduce someone to Joomla the first reaction is oooh, that looks a bit complex and in all fairness to them it is. It is daunting and your average non-techie isn't going to pickup the basics easily. Now i'm sure other web developers have heard the phrase "Can't you just turn it off" from project managers without any real knowledge of what is involved or the implications of doing such a thing. So I have created a customisable module which lets you hide non-essential parts of the Joomla backend.


I'm not saying this is a solution, but it works, it actually removes the HTML elements from the DOM if you choose remove, otherwise it just hides them (so expect things to break if you remove the wrong things). This is definately an advanced tool and shouldn't be used if you're unsure about what you're doing. Above is a screenshot of the Joomla admin panel simplifier.


As always leave a comment if you have positive or negative feedback, this will be the only release of this module unless a major bug is noticed due to it not being a "best practice" module and is quite hacky without actually hacking core!



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