Joomla! custom fields (based on Wordpress custom fields)

{jcomments on}Over the past year of development in Joomla! i have come across a few shortcomings and a few features in alternative CMS such as Wordpress which I think would be great added functionality in Joomla! such as custom fields. So I have created a nice combination of plugins, modules and components for Joomla to have a similiar way of controlling content through custom fields in the way Wordpress does.

The custom fields component is quite simple, you just need to add the fields using the custom fields component then whilst editing your article you wish to display these cusotm fields with, simple click the button at the bottom of your editor and a popup will guide you to adding values to these custom fields. Then finally using the content plugin or module for the custom fields, you can then display them on your website front-end.


You will need all 4 extensions (2 plugins, 1 module, and 1 component) for this to work as expected.


I hope you enjoy the extension and find it useful, any bugs of the component please either comment here or direct it to the forum. Below are some screenshots with brief descriptions...


This is a screenshot of the custom fields component where you create custom fields you wish to be made available to users creating articles.


This is a screenshot of the custom fields advanced area, changing the code in this box will give you the option to format certain custom fields in certain ways, making it just as customisable as wordpress custom fields.



This shows the modal box which appears when the 'custom fields' button at the bottom of article manager is pressed, giving the user the option to add more custom field values to this article, or update existing ones.


In addition to this, you can see the very same custom field in the above screenshot appearing on this page, after the title before the content.





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