Free Joomla Admin Template (jQuery Desktop)

I mentioned a while back I was working on a desktop template and I decided instead of just releasing the template as a .html file for all to use how they wanted (which you still can simply by downloading the files from the desktop demo), I have made it into a joomla administrator template which is free for anyone to use and released under GNU/GPL 2 licence.


The joomla admin template is using jquery and gives a nice desktop feel similiar to that of a mac. I am running beta on this template so please be patient during updates. I have found it to be stable and running well in Safari 4.x and Firefox 3.x and it 'works' in IE8, do not ask me to make the template run in IE7 or IE6 I won't be supporting legacy browsers on this project.

Here are some screenshots of the joomla admin template in action:






The template has parameters which allow you to add custom dock items, but only upto 5. I will add a component into the build eventually to make the dock work nicer and let the user have more control of whats on it.


As said before this is in BETA, please post any issues, suggestions or bugs here and I will get to them as quickly as possible. Enjoy the new free joomla administration template!






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