Joomla sociable and sharethis module

Obviously on blogs it is a very important factor of SEO, marketting and advertisement in the modern day that you have such plugins, components or modules which allow your websites users to easily share a favourite link on your website with their friends on their favourite social network such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc etc...


Whilst prowling the extensions library for Joomla! I noticed the modules section for this kind of addon is very empty, although there is many plugins which promise to deliver sociable or sharethis functionality, the reviews speak for themself and none work on PHP 5.3 (but then neither does Joomla without a patch). What I conjured was that I would make a plugin for myself to add these sociable icons for my joomla blog, then I realised that anything that isn't an article won't be able to have my sociable icons on which made me turn this into a module instead.


My new udjamaflip's joomla sociable module I have made is now publicly available and supports over 20 different networking sites, and the best thing is that it will grab your URL dynamically so works with SEF turned on or off, and works with all components which will be a big bonus for people wanting sociable with Virtuemart.


Additional functionality is that you can decide where the link goes i.e. new page, same page, or lightbox and you can also specify to make your own CSS or include the sociable CSS file. All fully XHTML valid.


This is still currently in early stages of development so all feedback is appreciated.



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