Joomla flickr feed module with jQuery and CSS

Well after quite a high demand here is the release verion with jQuery slideshow effects and CSS options, you don't have to use them but they are there for the people who just want an easy switch on/off functionality for the slideshow. The way it works is that it will now fade in and out of the amount of images you have decided to pick from your flickr account. I am aware people want this to work for group feeds, and I will make a release that will work with group ID's in the mean time there is a solution for the time being for those willing to get their hands dirty. However this solution does not work with this jQuery version of my flickr feed module.


  1. jQuery fade in/out slideshow ability
  2. Ability to apply a CSS border, and specify colour and width
  3. Can now apply padding, also specifying how much padding
  4. Border or Padding can either be applied to the module wrapper or to the individual images.
  5. It works in IE6 and its XHTML transitional valid!

Current known bug:

  1. With jquery slideshow the links don't currently work, I am working on a resolve for this.



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