Joomla Day Sydney - 2012 - Presentation

Saturday I presented to the Joomla community at Sydney's University of Technology to the local and national Joomla community about how we can utilise modern web technologies to enhand our Joomla installations.

Andy Sharman - Sydney Joomla Day 2012


During my presentation I covered new technologoies and practices such as types of template build such as responsive, reactive, and device specific builds with some supporting examples of new HTML5 features which can be used to further enhance a users experience when visiting your Joomla website.


Presentation chapters:


  • Device specific vs. Responsive vs. Reactive
  • How reactive media queries work with a Joomla template
  • Using HTML5 services to enhance your Joomla 3.0 website
  • Questions


View my Joomla Day Sydney 2012 presentation by click here (best viewed in Chrome)

View my Google Maps API V3 with HTML5 location API

View my HTML5 Storage API storing user preferences here



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