Joomla admin template 1.0beta + New White Version!

Well, it's been a while. I'll put my hands up I haven't given you guys much in the way of template updates but believe me the wait will have been worth it. I've worked extra hard since returning from holidays to get this to a point where it's releasable for the public to use, not only have I made a load updates and bugfixes, I have also created a new shiny white version of the template!

Since releasing the original jQuery desktop template for joomla admin panel back in February I have received phenominal support and naturally everyone wants their own particular ideas into the project, however, I can't use everyones designs for the admin template. I have listened to the majority and here is the update list for the Joomla admin template:


jQuery Desktop template for Joomla updates


  • New snap to side, inspired by windows 7
  • New dock icons as per popular demand
  • Different dock links, feedback showed most people didn't want the links I removed.
  • Menu text size changed to improve look and feel.
  • html/css behind powering the individual windows massively improved. Now utilises css3 dropshadows as FF 3.5 supports them.
  • updated jQuery version
  • added some background bits to help efficiency (feedback from low spec PC users is needed for this)
  • double click on titlebar of window now auto-resizes/maximises (should this be minimise to keep in with the Mac style?)

As always suggestions/bugs/complaints are welcome, just try to be constructive where possible!


New skin and functions for the admin template


Finally the biggest release of version 1.0 beta of's jQuery desktop Joomla admin template, the new skin (white) I hope you like it, and also an updated screenshot from the black version!








Admin Url : (BLACK THEME)

Admin Url : (WHITE THEME)


Admin User : demo

Admin Pass : d3m0


(The user/pass works for both admin backends)


As always leave feedback in the comments,



Joomla Admin Desktop Template

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