Joomla admin template - udjamaflip jquery template 0.9.2 beta

{jcomments on}Well it has been a couple of weeks since the last update to the free joomla admin template I have been working on, but I have recently been stripping out any attachments to the Khepri template and creating a new fresh full content control based on the already existing templates theme. Anyway enough rambling, here is a proper list of everything which has been changed and/or updated:

Admin Template Updates

  1. Toolbar icons re-created to match template
  2. Most IE7 issues addressed, the template is now "usable" in IE7, IE6 will remain unsupported.
  3. "Inner-Window" stylesheets written to further match "desktop" theme
  4. 500 error when clicking on parent menu items fixed.
  5. Info area width issue fixed (legacy button etc)
  6. Surplus icons removed for dock image list from request
  7. Image sizes reduced to shrink size of installer file, more optimisation is definately needed
  8. Mootools - jQuery compatibility issue eradicated, I have now marked this item as complete.
  9. Resizing issue fixed
  10. issue when clicking on sides of windows just raised z-index of that border panel
  11. Horizontal scroll removed for most windows at default opening size
  12. Implemented incremental positioning when opening new windows, no longer appearing on top of each other

Outstanding bugfixes and updates

  1. Modal boxes are still very un-formatted and need further styling.
  2. Width/v-align is not working properly on a lot of tabled elements.
  3. Still existing iframe bug with Community Builder, this is down to CB not Template code.
  4. IE7 still not 100% functional, this may or may not be completed.


As always guys, please leave comments and/or posts in the forum regarding any issues/bugs/suggestions. I am trying to accomodate the many so please don't take it personally if I haven't added your suggestion in this build.


Screenshots of admin template can be found here


Admin template demo details


Admin Url :


Admin User : demo

Admin Pass : d3m0


Front Url :



Joomla Admin Desktop Template

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