Free Joomla admin template (jQuery Desktop) v0.9.1 beta

{jcomments on}It has been two weeks since the last release but a lot of people have been requesting various things and as with all BETA models there is a lot of bugs that need fixing! I have fixed a lot of issues, and added some more functionality to the admin template, and as always would love further feedback.

During this period of development on the desktop template people have pointed out that it is made using jQuery rather than mootools which is pre-packaged with Joomla! The reason for this is mostly down to knowledge of the framework, and nothing else. I have spoken to the Joomla! community and a lot seem eager to see this admin template in core as an 'out-there' template for regular Joomla! users such as developers or long-term website admins.


If anyone has suggestions or any issues I might need to look out for when converting this beast into mootools then please let me know by the comments below or through the forums.


Bugfixes from this release:

  1. Poor window icons, now fixed but I'm still not quite happy with them.
  2. IE8 constant refreshing bug when visiting login page, fixed.
  3. Inaccurate version in XML file, fixed.
  4. Size of template installer zip, reduced by 400kb but there is a lot more to be done!


Requested additions to template:

  1. Refresh icon to manually refresh a window on its own, added but still a little glitchy.
  2. Resize added to windows, this has been tested cross browser and seems to work as expected.


As always thanks for any feedback on the administrator template below, and here is the previous version of the template as well as some screenshots, and the original verison.




Joomla Admin Desktop Template

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