13 Aug 2013

HTML5 inline mobile video playback with cuepoints

After previously writing about how to use cuepoints in the Popcorn.js library I thought I would delve in deeper, there are lots of good use cases for cue points with HTML5 video such as making a video of a presentation have downloadable material appear at key points during the presentation, or perhaps showing annotations during an audio lecture.

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26 Nov 2012

Using HTML5 and getMediaDevice to make a live Andy Warhol's Marilyn

Recently there has been a lot of talk about getUserMedia() functionality which has recently been moved from Google Chrome's Canary build over to Google Chrome, and is soon to be merging out in Firefox too. Why is this amazing? Because we can now mess around with live video/audio data or even touch motion data from devices such as Leap Motion in the future.

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06 Jun 2009

Search HTML page content using Javascript

I was helping a friend on a forum recently, and found quite a nifty tool to help him have a huge downloadable page, and keep the search functionality, and it was by using Javascript to make a Search function loop through the HTML elements within the page and detect the search results and highlight them using CSS. Anyway enough blabber, here is the code:

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08 Jul 2012

HTML5 Video subtitles utilising Mozilla's Popcorn.js

Recently I've been playing with HTML5 Video a bit and when doing some research I came across an amazing project that the Mozilla group have been working on called Popcorn.js and I instantly started wondering what could be built using it.

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25 Jan 2009

Lightbox with embedded media

Recently I have been helping my girlfriend get her website up and online so she can get a portfolio online, she does multimedia design so naturally had a lot of multimedia content to put on the website, and like a lot of designers she loved lightbox, which was fine untill I realised the lightbox I normally use does not support embedded media fully.

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