MyFBpa - New Features, New Players, New Rounds!

As many of you know I have posted about MyFBpa on here previously, however, I felt I should mention some of the amazing new features and updates the game now has to offer to all you avid tick based gamers!

Documentation, and player manual!

We have created a documentation area at for both the administrators and the game players to spread their wisdom both in rules and regulations, and in hints and tips to help beginners fit into the game as quick as possible.


Research & Construction layout

We have amended these pages to help understand what technologies lead to what benefits within the game, that way people who are unsure of what they should be doing can simple read further down the tree to see what the particular research or construction leads to.


In-Game Chat

We have added an in-game chat which connects to our official IRC channel on (#myfbpa) where you can either sit and chat and baite your opponents or simply soak up some wisdom from some more seasoned players, either way, the chat is both a popular addition to the game and a good way to make in-game allies and enemies!



New logo, as the original was something which was cobbled together a bit last minute, here is a peak at the now official banner for myfbpa - the fast-paced planetarion clone.




New Blog

We have setup a blog to help people keep up-to-date with what changes we're making on a week by week basis, both myself and Zane are very excited about the upcoming release which is due in just over 7 days. I hope you guys will like it!


Facebook Applications

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