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Hi all,

I realised the links section of the website is generally a bit rubbish so I've decided to bulk it up a bit and also help by putting on the front end a list of applications that I can't have a PC running without them. I've come up with 10 at the moment but I want peoples emails so if you contact me and let me know of any suggestions to be added to this list.

  1. AVG Free - AntiVirus Windows only
  2. Winrar - Archiving and extracting tool for .zip and many others. Windows only
  3. Visual studio 2008 (or Visual Studio 2008 Shell) + VS.PHP IDE - Personal favourite software for web development Windows only
  4. Mozilla Firefox - An amazing alternative to Internet Explorer 6,7 or 8. Windows & Mac
  5. Thunderbird - The same company as Firefox, this is a good mail client outlook alternative. Windows & Mac
  6. Putty - Amazing free client which allows terminal SSH access from a PC to any SSH server Windows only
  7. VLC Media player - Opensource media player for Linux/Mac/Windows
  8. Winamp - Great audio software plays amazingly and a nice bonus is that it will sync with an Ipod which personally is fantastic as iTunes is a shocking piece of software! Windows only
  9. WAMP - Perfect for windows users to develop locally running phpMyAdmin, Apache, MySQL server and more locally is great. Windows only
  10. MozBackup - Although it is fairly easy to backup Thunderbird and Firefox without using a tool, this makes it easy and does it seconds for you. Windows only



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