Visual studio supporting PHP

I've recently been out there looking for edittors, and although there are some amazing opensource edittors they tend to pale against paid for options. So I have been reviewing recently for a good overalloption and came across a software which is based on visual studio but works with PHP as well JCX's VS.PHP I have been using it at work for a while now, and have found it amazing to use, and the best thing is you don't need Visual Studio to use it, there are multiple ways of using it but I would go with buying the version which is made to plugin to visual studio 2008 and then installing the Visual Studio 2008 Shell (its free) from Microsoft in order to get CSS support with the program as the standalone version does not support CSS syntax highlighting, however, if your hunting for an editor for .NET development and PHP development then this program is definately for you, a great idea for only $99. Check for an accurate cost in your currency.

There is a lot of amazing parts to this software so going to list them here:

The only bad part of this software:

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