Well I have half a design from my friend, but now he's got the internet he has better things to do like playing command & conquer 3 which is fair play as he was just doing a favour but now I am left with a half finished design and no skills to finish it. Although my girlfriend is a designer I don't think she'll really be up for finishing the design for me.

I've also decided to move hosting, as I want to setup some ASP.NET stuff i've been toying with the past few months and a recent project at work has rekindled my interest in the language so I'll probably get a virtual server running Ubuntu or something and then run Apache etc with momo for ASP.NET/C# though I have heard it doesn't support all functionality which could cause issues.

Anyway thats all for now, but watch this space - I really need to get stuck into these tutorials they take a long time to put together and this first one was horrendously critised when I first showed it off. Oh well....we have all got to start somewhere.

Andy Sharman


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