Hi all,

Got round to sorting out the website, decided the purpose for it, which has been kind of lacking ever since Facebook came along and stole my gallery thunder.

Anyway, on my journey to becoming the web developer I am today, I have repeatedly found people very unaccepting or just unrealising of people who are new to this profession but find it a highly interesting career option or hobby.

So I have decided to start postion snippets, and get them all indexed by Google and possibly even get a community on the go.

I won't be posting stuff under the beginner/tutorial section which most people would read, however I hope people who are new to the site, or are repeat visitors will find it useful.

Oh yeah, I am building the site using Joomla! thought I would give something a go which is a bit more powerful than wordpress - bare with me while I get it all sorted out and the blog/tutorials up and running.




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